How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

Romans 10:14

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pictures from the Bible Distribution!

We are having computer/internet issues again :(  I have tried three times to add these photos so you all could see! Trying again... ugh! These are photos of Phil, Pastor Abrams, John Pinnix, and Bruce Claypool going to villages to distribute Bibles to each home! We have had great reception! We are praying that God will help water these seeds that were planted, and that maybe a Bible study could be started in one of these villages!
Thank you for all your prayer, and support. God is can do big things in Alaska!
**The first photos are of Manaotak and the second half are of Kaliganek**

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our car is filled!

Coming September 2015!!! 

Please pray for us as we schedule flights, and just all the details of having a baby in the city. They won't even let Emily try to deliver in the village because of past and present issues. Right now, Emily's mother will come and help with the children as they literally "make" you wait in the city for a month before the scheduled birth. We are remembering that God has a plan and a purpose! And we can't wait to meet this new little man God has given us!! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bible Distribution!

Please pray for Phil, John & Joshua Pinnix and the Abrams as they are flying to Manakotak and Twin Hills today to put a Bible and the gospel in every home! They had plans to do other villages today, but the weather has been sketchy. So hopefully they can do those tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who sent Bibles and supported this! Praying God uses them in a great way!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

We have an announcement!!!

In case you don't have us on social media, or haven't received our newsletter yet... 

The Lord has surprised us, and blessed our family with another baby! Emily is due  the later part of September! Please be praying for this pregnancy and the baby... 

Rejoice with us of Gods blessings!! 

We announced with a video, but blogger won't let us upload it. :(

We hope you all are happy in the service of the King!!

:) Emily

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Phil is in Anchorage!

This was us watching Daddy get on the plane... And watching him disappear into the clouds! :)

Please pray for Phil, he will be attending a the Alaska Mens Retreat, hosted by Bible Baptist Church and Pastor Duffet! He also gets to do a ride along with the Alaska State Troopers as he is getting in the program to be a chaplain. Please pray for his safety and for him and the other missionaries and pastors at the retreat to be encouraged and to get their batteries charged :) he was able to go with friend and co laborer Bruce Claypool! He serves in Bethel, Alaska. T I'm excited for my hubby, and praying he has a marvelous time!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Here are some pictures of recent activities!
Thanksgiving with some great friends!
Katie Rae celebrated her 4th Birthday! ((Isn't she beautiful?!))
Winter Scenery pictures... The Sunsets and Sunrises are just amazing.
Christmas 2014! We were blessed with presents from family members, friends and churches!
Kids playing in our first big snow!
This girl loves her daddy!
Here is Elliott being adorable :)
Family picture in front of the church
Family picture! (Someone is feeding our kids miracle grow, and it isn't me!!)
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Update... Finally!

Hi all!

Welcome to 2015! Crazy that it's already 2015... We are so anxious to see what God is going to do this year! Not only in our family, but in our ministry here in Alaska, our home church, our supporting churches, and each of you!

Things are going well here in Dillingham. It has been getting colder, we are at about -5 right now. We have very little snow, but we have lots of ice on the ground still!

Community Baptist Church is doing great also! We've had alot of sickness and traveling this winter... but just this past Sunday we had 5 visitors! Also, last Sunday night we had 5 neighbor kids stop by the church after services and I got to talk to them for a while, and invite them to Sunday School! Hopefully they will get to come soon!

Phil's job is going good too. He's enjoying the regular schedule and being able to plan things for this summer! He's also gotten to fill in the pulpit for Bro Abrams alot with him traveling. He really enjoys getting the opportunity to preach!

Baker is loving school... he does great with reading and counts to 100 now! He's growing so much that we had to call Meemee and ask her to send him some jeans! He outgrew all the ones he had! He seems to be growing so fast. He loves all his friends at school, and gets so excited to see them around the village. Phil and I both comment alot that we are known around as "Bakers Mom, or Bakers Dad" :) We have really gotten to know alot of people just through Baker going to school!

Katie Rae is... our onery child :) She is doing good, but misses Meemee and Pawpaw. She misses playing with cousins... but having some babysitting kids here for her to play with has helped too! She's growing like crazy too. I really thing she has added inches... her hair is growing alot too, which she is so excited about. She wants a braid :) We are thinking about letting her take some preschool classes soon, which she is ecstatic about!

Elliott is walking everywhere, and trying to run... which makes life really interesting! He's such a good baby, and loves to be tickled and have people on the floor to play with! He has just started liking to be read to, he'll get a book and bring it to you for you to read to him :) It's adorable. He also could live on gogurts... :) He's wearing 24 mo-2t clothes... at 15 months!

I (Emily) am doing well also! I have started going to an exercise class in town, at the elementary school gym... it has been nice to meet new people and get moving more! Hoping the Lord will give me grace and patience as I try to lose some weight... So needless to say, I have stopped baking :) Trying to enjoy my children and the friends that God has given me here! One of my "breaks" is grocery shopping... or at least browsing :) Big news for me, is that Phil got me tickets to Anchorage on February 19th! I get to stay 4 full days! He is keeping the kids, and I get to go enjoy some "city" and shopping... I play on browsing every store I can! Also, sushi is in there somewhere! I have a friend to stay with too!

Thank you for praying for our family... hope you enjoyed this little update! I'm going to do another post with pictures!